Frames for Real Estate/Political Yard Signs


We'll Get Your Message Across

Parker Davis offers 13 standard popular designs of wire sign frames to get your message across effectively.

Made of heavy duty 9 gauge galvanized steel
Guaranteed not to break or rust
Ribbed design to keep your outdoor signs from blowing off and to grab the soil and remain upright
Light weight and easy to install just step on them to plant them no tools needed
Parker Davis sign holders last for years to use over and over making them a great value for your money
Designed for efficiency to get more in a box, on a skid, and in a truckload (up to 3300 pc. per pallet and 30 pallets per truckload on our SS-1 model)
Three warehouse locations across America to serve you better with 24 hour service
Custom Designs available at a reasonable cost for runs  of 500 or more pieces
Made in the USA

The patented STEP STAKES from Parker Davis (US patent #4894937) 
The original and still the best for Real Estate/Political yard si


2-WIRE, 10" x 30": Recommended for corrugated signs up to 24" x 18". A second stake can be inserted at a right angle to the sign for more rigidity. This is our most popular model.
3-WIRE 10" x 30": Heavy duty for corrugated signs or for solid fiber signs. Recommended as a more rigid stake for corrugated signs up to 28" x 22". This stake may also be used for solid core signs, by weaving the sign in between the uprights of the stake.
2-WIRE 6" x 30": For small to medium corrugated signs. Recommended for signs up to 22" x 14". For large signs, you can use two or more of these stakes to provide support across the base of the sign.

PIGGY-BACK: 6" x 8: For stacking corrugated signs. Developed for adding a "rider" on top of real estate signs. This stake can also be used to splice signs together for a sign display.
T-TOP, 8" x 3": For free standing or tabletop P.O.P. signage. Developed as a standard for indoor, free-standing signs (e.g. "Wet Floor" signs), or countertop P.O.P. signage. This stand will handle surprisingly large signs. Two may be used, if desired, for extra support.
U-TOP, 10" x 30" with 5 1/2" wide 1/4" diameter base: Heavy duty base model for small to medium corrugated signs. This stake works well as a rigid holder of signs up to 24" x 18". This stake also comes in 3 less expensive variations: SS-6-2x, with 2 crossbars on the base SS-6-1x, with one crossbar on the base, and SS-6MD, with a 3/16" base containing 2 crossbars

SIGN WAVER, 2" (nom.) x various lengths: Hand held stake for parades, conventions, school crossing, strikers... This item comes in 12", 20", & 28" lengths. The ladder type 9 gauge galvanized wire with cross members spaced every 8" makes a rigid lightweight holder for hand held signs. Applications include school crossing signs, construction stop signs, protest signs, political rallies, parades, etc..
MINI 2-WIRE, 2" x 16": For small corrugated signs. This stake is perfect for small low-set yard signs, such as security system and lawn service signs. When installed, this stake places the bottom of the sign 8" off of the ground.
SINGLE SHAFT STAKE: There are many markets where zoning restrictions limit sign design to a single support, and this design is perfect for this application. The shaft is a sturdy 5/16" mill galvanized steel that has a 9 gauge stabilizer welded near the bottom in addition to a 9 gauge U-top for holding the sign. This stake is a bit taller than our other designs and will hold the bottom of the sign 24" above ground level when installed. This stake is also a more economical alternative to our traditional double shaft U-Top stake when you need a rigid base for your customer's sign. As with our U-Top, they are packed 25 pcs./case.

Due to repeated requests for a stake for foldover signs and bag signs, we now offer as a standard model a 9 gauge wicket shaped U-Stake which is 33" tall by 20" wide. This item is boxed 50 pcs./case and is in stock for immediate shipment. Upon request, we can run orders of 500 or more pieces of other sizes and thicknesses. Lead time on these orders would run one to two weeks depending on our workload at the time.


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